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Surprise! Grand Cayman

This year, I wanted my mother to do something really amazing and memorable for her birthday. Traveling brings me so much joy and I love to share that feeling with other people so why not plan something? I decided Grand Cayman would be a good idea because not only is it beautiful but it was also very affordable in September.

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Girls Trip : NOLA & Houston

When anyone asks you to go to New Orleans with them, your answer should ALWAYS be yes, even for a short trip which is what I decided to say when one of best friends decided to go for her birthday this month. This was our second time there, so we were well prepared for the madness that is Bourbon St. It was a much-needed girls trip (nothing like the movie).

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Sint Maarten and St-Barth

Traveling is my favorite thing to do, especially on my birthday.  Each year, I try to go someplace that I've longed to go whether it is near or far. These experiences shape you as a person and always make for a great story. This year was a very special trip because not only was it my 26th birthday but my boyfriend and I were going out of the country together for the first time.

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